This is a jump on a beach of your choice compatible with an unrestricted landing zone.

Be in good physical and mental health and not have a condition that contraindicates parachute jumping (especially cardiovascular disease, diabetes and epilepsy).
Not having consumed an alcoholic drink in the last 12 hours. (Controls may take place)
Not to be under the influence of narcotics
Not having done scuba diving within 48 hours
Not having had a shoulder injury or dislocation
Do not be immobilized with a cast
Not have had a history of back, cervical or heart problems without a medical certificate expressly authorizing the practice of the activity
Do not have any contraindication to the practice of intense physical activities
Be a minimum of 10 years old and a maximum of 75 years old
For minors, parental authorization, signed by the father and mother or the legal guardian with a copy of their identity document and medical certificate.
Pregnant women ... it is forbidden to hide a person in their belly so that they can benefit from a free jump
The medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of parachuting is compulsory (general practitioner) and must be dated less than one month for those over 50 years old
Weight for the practice of tandem baptism: between 40 and 90 kg (80 kg for the ladies) please contact us if these limits are exceeded before making your purchases.

Video option

The Video Photos option will let you relive your jump through a Full HD movie of about 10 minutes and hundreds of HD photos. You will be filmed and photographed by your instructor with an on-board camera, from briefing to landing. Everything (film + a hundred photos) will be provided to you in digital format retracing your free fall experience. You will be able to share them with as many people as possible. This is the most successful pack with our customers

Photo option

The photo option will make you relive your jump through hundreds of HD photos. You can watch them as much as you want. You will be photographed by your instructor with an on-board camera, from briefing to landing. You will be provided in digital format with a report of around 100 photos of your freefall experience. You will be able to share it with as many people as possible on social networks.

Duo option

Are you coming in pairs and want to be sure to be on the same plane to experience this free fall adventure over Corsica for two? Opt for the duo option which guarantees you a seat next to your partner. Option valid for pairs.

Cancellation insurance

Please note, can only be purchased with the initial purchase of the jump! Insure yourself against any problem of non-use of the tandem parachute ticket. This option is recommended if you are not sure whether the person to whom you are offering the ticket wants to parachute. If this insurance is used, we will reimburse you for the jump only without option, less 20% of the price of the jump for management fees. (It covers all causes of cancellation up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. This option does not cover no-show at your appointment or refusal to jump aboard the aircraft)

Marriage Proposal

You would like to have a welcome banner on the ground with it marked:
" would you marry me ?"

When you arrive on the ground, two glasses of champagne await you.


During your jump, you are hooked to a professional skydiver.
The jump takes place as follows:

  • Briefing (Ground preparation and equipment)
  • Climb aboard the plane for an ascent to 3000 m altitude
  • 25-minute flight by plane over Corsica
  • Free fall of approximately 35 seconds at 200 km / h.
  • Open parachute flight. It is 6 to 8 minutes during which you can admire the beautiful landscapes of the Island of Beauty.
  • Soft landing on Corsican soil
  • One desire ... to start again